Todd Andersen Family Page

Some links

E-Bay to buy and sell items on electronic auction
Google search engine and growing
Red Box
Red Box Movie Rentals
Auction Sniper
when bidding at e-bay is not enough used to bid on several autions at one time only winning one
All The Web
The Search engine before google
Kids-in-mind Movie Rating
A great way to see what is really in the movie
Place to find lots of products and reviews
another search engine little different information
Fox News
News that is not so liberal
Craigs List
A local free way to buy and sell
more than searching also a provider of information etc
Fly Lady
a cleaning site my wife like to look at
LDS Web Site
The Church website
Face Book
A social network that seems to be ok
Current Silver Price

Some of my projects
dome greenhouse
Wind Power Page

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